Are Your Goals Working For You?

set and reach goal concept
 The reasons behind wanting to change their body are for a short term period of time and it is NOT a continuing lifestyle change.  Look at it this way, when you set your goals just for an event, or certain time of a moment/season…when you’ve accomplished that goal then what?  Do you know? Read More…

Organic vs Non Organic Can You Tell the Difference?

upbydeandra conventional products

 What makes a product “ORGANIC”

I don’t think most people understand the in depth details of what makes a product organic. This if the question everyone asks to consider if it is worth their time, money and health to buy organic products. The term “Organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process their crops and livestock. Ok, well what is the organic way to grow crops you might ask? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), farmer’s organic crops and livestock have to meet these specific standards. Products produced under these principles and approved by the USDA will display a USDA Organic label.

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eating out  

Hi Guys! I’ve created this category of my blog because I am a big foodie and I love to try different things.  I made a promise with my hunni that we will try a different restaurant in Miami whenever we eat out.  Who wants to eat at the same place every time? Nope not me that’s boring, lets broaden our taste bud horizon. I thought it would be a great idea to share with you how I eat when I dine out.  I ‘ve been asked several times if I have cheat days, pig out, or treat myself  and the answer is YES! I have cheat days and I treat myself (these could be considered the same thing), I wouldn’t say I pig out because I hate the feeling of being over stuffed.  When dining out, I still watch what I eat ( for the most part), and portion control plays a big part.  I didn’t say this was going to be all 100% healthy, but I will show you how to still have fun and enjoy yourself on your cheat days without feeling guilty.


To eat smaller portions try the following ideas:

portion control hand chart
• Choose a regular single hamburger instead of the larger burger or the double burger.
• Have the small fries instead of the super-sized.
• Order a small soda or, even better, drink water.
• Share an entrée with a friend when you go to a restaurant.
• Ask for half your meal to be packed for you and eat it for lunch the next day.

• Don’t “eat from the bag.” When snacking, place a few chips, crackers in a bowl to help keep from overeating.
• Buy single portions of snack foods so you’re not tempted by the whole bag or box.
• Like butter and sour cream on your baked potato? Mayonnaise and cheese on your sandwich? Cream cheese on your bagel? Use half the amount you usually do. Read More…



Starting a workout program is easier said than done.  There are a lot of people who can be overwhelmed with how to start and what to do.  Once you’ve decided to make a change in your lifestyle, three important components are discipline, consistent and last but not least patient. 

Here are some things you need to think about before you start exercising, get up and shape up:
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